Scoliosis Bracing in Farmingdale, NY

Prothotic Laboratories, Inc. offers scoliosis bracing solutions for children with idiopathic and neuromuscular scoliosis management. any lateral curvature in their spines. Upon discovering that a child requires a scoliosis back brace in Farmingdale, South Farmingdale, and Bethpage, NY and surrounding areas, parents bring their young patients to us for customized solutions designed and made in our on-site facility. Contact us today!

Addressing Scoliosis Management

Every parent wants the best for their child. When a doctor determines that yours has scoliosis, you want to find the best solution to stop or prevent the further progression of this disorder to your child’s spine curvature. This is the primary reason families throughout the Farmingdale, Queens and Brooklyn NY community come to us when their children require a scoliosis bracing device.

Avoid Surgery with Bracing Solutions

Experts estimate that scoliosis affects nearly three percent of the population, from infants to teenagers. Scoliosis progresses with time if left unaddressed, often requiring your child to undergo invasive surgery. However, studies show that wearing a scoliosis back brace device as prescribed prevents the progression of this condition.

Ultimately, a bracing solution applies the specific corrective forces required to hold the spine in a corrected and straightened position. This, combined with the proper wearing schedule, allows your child to finish growing with protection from the risk of curve progression.


Designers of the

Pro-Cheneau Scoliosis Brace

Our Pro-Cheneau is a thermoplastic brace custom designed to treat scoliosis as a three dimensional deformity. Our brace implements physio-therapeutic mechanisms of derotation through its innovative bio mechanical design. This spinal brace differs from other brace designs in that it harnesses the body’s own forces of expansion and contraction through breathing to provide enhanced 3 dimensional correction of the spinal curvature.

Our highly skilled practitioners have trained with Dr. Manuel Rigo (Designer of the RSC Brace) and utilize his classification system along with x-rays and photos of each patient to provide the highest quality custom fabricated brace. We take a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, working closely with the prescribing doctor and Schroth physical therapists to ensure ideal results. We closely follow each patient every step of the way in reviewing their in and out of brace x-rays every 4-6 months. Our team provide education, caring support and encouragement throughout this process. With all of this combined, we are able to achieve optimal results for each of our patients.

Discover Options for Scoliosis Treatment

If you live near Farmingdale, NY,  or New Hyde Park, NY, call Prothotic Laboratories, Inc. at 631-753-4444 now to speak with a specialist about scoliosis bracing, onsite prosthetics, or pediatric orthotics options for your child.