How Orthotics for Children Benefit Them Long Into Adulthood

There is a common misconception that orthotics are typically used by people in middle age and older when they struggle with foot pain while on the job or around the house. However, there is actually a significant market for childhood orthotics as well, and the benefits of orthotics for growing children can be major, lasting long into adulthood.

Here’s an overview of what you should know about pediatric orthotics in Farmingdale, NY.

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are custom inserts that get put into shoes to replace the standard insoles. Oftentimes, they’re used for treating or managing existing problems with the feet, but they can also be used as a preventative measure to prevent such problems from developing. They come in a wide range of materials and styles to ensure your feet get the support they need for proper function.

Orthotics can be custom-developed to provide the user with better stability, cushioning, arch support or motion control. They differ from the standard insoles you get with the shoe or the inserts you purchase off the shelf in that they are prescribed by a podiatrist and custom-made to fit your foot and give you the results you need.

Why they’re beneficial for children and teens

Foot problems can begin to develop early on in childhood, but might not fully manifest themselves until later in life. It’s important to get your kids started on a healthy trajectory so they can avoid foot problems when they reach adulthood, and have to deal with chronic pain and loss of mobility.

Children who suffer from pain in the feet or from other foot issues are less likely to engage in active play, which can lead to unhealthy habits that affect the child for the rest of their life. The physical and emotional effects of not getting enough exercise or not joining other children for active playtime can be devastating.

In this way, the use of custom pediatric orthotics in Farmingdale, NY will not only prevent or correct certain foot issues, but will also prevent the formation of these persistent, unhealthy habits.

Orthotics also help to prevent the possible need for corrective or reconstructive surgery down the road. While children with deformities might need to undergo surgery, the vast majority of children can have their foot problems corrected early on with orthotics, ensuring more invasive treatment options will not be necessary.

Among the most common foot problems in children is flat feet. Most children will not develop permanent arches until the age of five or shortly thereafter, but there are some children whose arches do not fully develop, which can result in problems such as chronic heel or arch pain, overpronation or misalignment. This can result in an unhealthy or poor gait, or chronic pain in the lower back or other parts of the body. Orthotics are perfect for addressing this type of issue early on, ensuring proper arch support and realigning the foot, ankles and legs.

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