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A Brief Guide to the Latest Technology Used in Prosthetics and Orthotics

Technology is continually changing everyday life for people around the world, arguably in both good ways and bad. One of the bright spots when it comes to advancing technology is in the world of healthcare, specifically the development of prosthetic and orthotic devices. Read on to learn about some of the latest advancements in prosthetic […]

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Is Telehealth the Best Option When Dealing with Orthotic and Prosthetic Care?

Telehealth (also referred to as “video health care” given the videoconferencing technology used) is a rapidly expanding field of medicine that allows patients to discuss health care issues with their physicians from remote locations. There was a significant explosion in the use of telehealth in all fields of medicine throughout 2020, thanks to the COVID-19 […]

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Using Orthoses to Improve Walking in Pediatrics

Children can benefit from orthoses whenever they have trouble walking. Your doctor may recommend that they get orthoses to improve their stability. Although some parents worry that there’s a stigma attached to orthoses in Farmingdale, NY, it’s wise to take advantage of these tools whenever they’re available. The earlier your child learns to correct their […]

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