Some of the Trendiest Designs for Prosthetics

Prosthetics have come a long way over the years—while 300 years ago you might have had to be content with basic wooden assistive devices, modern prosthetics offer a great deal of functionality. Now there are custom-designed prosthetics in Farmingdale, NY that seem downright trendy.

If you or a loved one uses prosthetics, read on to learn about the designs available today.

Why do “trendy” prosthetics matter?

If you don’t use prosthetics yourself, you might wonder why it matters if they’re “trendy.” After all, they’re mostly designed to be functional. However, using nicer prosthetics tends to give amputees and those born with missing limbs a greater sense of self-confidence. People whose limbs were amputated report less self-disgust when the prosthetics they use are stylish as well as functional. It makes sense: having to adjust to a missing limb is hard enough. If your prosthetics are uncomfortable, unattractive and less than functional, it will be even more difficult to have a positive experience.

The same goes for people who were born without certain limbs. Even though they’ve had more time to adjust and accept their situation, new prosthetic innovations (like hands that can grip objects) make it significantly easier for them to navigate through life.

New prosthetic designs in Farmingdale, NY

Here’s a closer look at three key developments in prosthetics:

  • Robotic limbs: Robotic limbs—especially the kind that can help their users grip objects—are increasingly common these days. They’re often designed with leads that can interpret signals from the skin, and relax or grip objects as directed. They’re also starting to come down in price, thanks to the advent of 3D printing. Adults and children alike benefit from the increased functionality. Interestingly enough, adult men tend to prefer robotic prosthetics over “natural”-looking limbs, while women usually prefer prosthetics that mimic regular limbs.
  • Artistic prosthetics: Another way to make your prosthetics part of your style is to get artistic prosthetics. Whether they’re custom-painted in intricate designs on a regular limb, or they combine function with artistry in another way, these prosthetics are particularly popular among women. (Some amputees have noted that it’s like wearing another accessory, especially those that look like the owner is wearing tights or sleeves.)
  • Prosthetic covers: If you’re not interested in permanently artistic prosthetics, prosthetic covers may be the answer. These are designed to go around your existing prosthesis and either camouflage or highlight the limb. As prices come down, especially with 3D printing available, users might have the option to switch out covers depending on the look they want that day.

These are just a few of the ways in which innovative prosthetic designs in Farmingdale, NY can help amputees and other prosthesis users feel better about their options. Whether you want to prioritize form or functionality, there should be plenty of prosthetic choices for both.

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