What’s Next? Available Resources for Caregivers of Children with Cerebral Palsy

If your child has cerebral palsy, you likely have experienced a few moments of helplessness, frustration and fear. Although children can lead positive, fulfilling lives with a cerebral palsy diagnosis, many caregivers find themselves dealing with a situation they never expected. Finding resources and education for cerebral palsy in Farmingdale, NY is key. The more you learn about the condition—and the more you’re connected with other parents dealing with the same thing—the more supported and confident you’ll feel.

Educational and medical resources

Naturally, the first place you should turn to for support is your doctor. Medical professionals, including specialists, will be able to give you specifically tailored information to help you care for your child. Whenever you have questions about their health or best practices, it’s always wise to ask your doctor. They’ll have the medical expertise to let you know whether certain treatments or resources are worth trying.

You can also try websites like the Mayo Clinic. This resource gives parents an overview of cerebral palsy, including symptoms, treatments and tests. Kids Health is another reputable source of cerebral palsy information, especially if you’re new to the diagnosis. Consider asking your doctor if they recommend any particular resources.

Support networks

As a parent, it can be hard watching your child deal with anything less than perfect health. Although educational resources and your doctor are good sources of information, sometimes you just need to talk to someone who has been going through the same thing. Look for cerebral palsy support groups in your area, or find one online. Your doctor may have recommendations as well.

Research organizations

There are numerous research organizations dedicated to learning more about the condition, how to prevent it and more. You can stay on top of new developments (both medical and practical) to keep your child in the best of health and spirits. Start by visiting the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation, CDC Cerebral Palsy Research and Columbia University Center for Cerebral Palsy Research.


There are plenty of books on the subject, whether directed at adults or children. For example, Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Parent’s Guide will help you understand the challenges your child is dealing with. Cerebral Palsy: A Complete Guide for Caregiving can help delineate what your child needs from you.

There are also books available for children, which can help them understand how and why they’re different from other kids. Nathan’s Wish: A Story About Cerebral Palsy is one good picture book example, but there are a number of options for different age and maturity levels. Not only are these good resources for children with cerebral palsy, but they also offer a way for other children to empathize with their siblings, friends and classmates.

There are plenty of educational resources for cerebral palsy in Farmingdale, NY. Don’t forget to look for blogs and online support groups, too.

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