Does Weather Really Affect Prosthetics?

Fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions take a toll on our bodies. But the weather doesn’t just affect physical limbs—it also affects prosthetic devices. Continue reading to learn more facts on the relationship between prosthetics and weather.

Summer heat

Hot summer weather can cause arms, legs and other body parts to swell, making the prosthetic fit feel uncomfortable. If your fit seems too tight during the summer months, talk to your orthotic specialist about modifying your limb’s fit for the season. They may be able to loosen it or make other adjustments to ensure the fit is secure, but not too tight.

High temperatures and humidity can also make us particularly sweaty during the summer. While this sweat eventually evaporates from our exposed skin, sweat under prosthetics doesn’t evaporate. The moisture can cause the prosthetic to slip and slide out of place and even lead to a bacterial infection. Our advice is to remove the limb a few times throughout the day and wipe the joint dry to prevent infections and slippage.

Drafty air

Cool night or morning air in the spring and summer can lead to an uncomfortable sinking into the prosthetic’s socket. A short-term solution to this problem is wearing several pairs of socks to fill in the gaps. However, seeing a prosthetic fitting professional is the best thing you can do. Your specialist can make seasonal adjustments to keep you comfortable morning, noon and night.

Since we’ll be dealing with drafty mornings and evenings soon, see your orthotic provider right away to see what can be done to prevent an uncomfortable fit.

Snow and ice

The most dangerous weather affecting prosthetic devices is snow and ice during the winter months. Slick sidewalks and streets can lead to falls for those with prosthetic legs. Consider getting outfitted with a rubber-soled boot or shoe to provide some extra traction in the winter. There are also ice cleats available to ensure safe navigation after a snowstorm.

If you’re new to prosthetic legs, we recommend using a cane in the winter for added stability.

Why choose Prothotic Laboratories, Inc.?

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