A New Era Brings a New Brace with Scoliosis Correction

Growing up can be difficult. The transition of children physically growing into adults is inherently awkward and innately disconcerting—and that’s if everything goes relatively smoothly. Unfortunately, puberty can highlight health problems that are unique to those who are growing, like scoliosis.

Scoliosis is the lateral curvature of the spine that can happen during a young adult’s growth spurt. A back brace has been and still is largely the standard treatment for this medical issue, but the intersection of scoliosis and new technology has created some new treatment options.

Scoliosis correction in a new age looks to remedy the problem gently and unobtrusively to avoid the accompanying embarrassment that a large exterior back brace may cause.

Enter the ScoliBrace. We’ll answer the FAQs below.

What is the ScoliBrace?

The ScoliBrace is a new type of back brace for people with scoliosis. More specifically, it’s a type of Rigo System Chêneau (RSC) brace that is frequently used in conjunction with physical therapy. It’s a custom-made, plastic back brace that opens in the front, allowing the wearer to remove it and tighten it themselves. It’s marketed as a three-dimensional solution to scoliosis.

How is it created?

The ScoliBrace is designed through a combination of the patient’s X-rays, postural evaluation and a three-dimensional scan by a computer program called braceScan. From there, the brace is designed to be super corrective.

This means that it will be moving the patient’s spine in a mirror-imaging fashion. If the patient’s spine is curving to the right, the brace encourages it to curve to the left. It’s an asymmetric back brace that is constructed from lightweight plastic, either polypropylene or polyethylene.

How is the ScoliBrace different than other scoliosis braces?

The first corrective back brace was invented in the 1940s and is referred to as the Milwaukee brace. It is a large, heavy, bulky brace that has a metal superstructure. This means that it is required to be worn on the outside of the patient’s clothes. It has fallen out of favor due to its rigid structure and unsightly appearance.

At the crossroads of scoliosis and new technology came the ScoliBrace. The ScoliBrace is vastly different than the Milwaukee brace and other traditional scoliosis braces. This is because it was designed to be lightweight and allow the wearer to function as normally as possible. Its plastic molding leaves one hip free to increase range of motion, and there are other portions cut out of it to facilitate correction. On top of that, it is basically formfitting and can be worn underneath clothes.

How does it work?

The ScoliBrace has been the forerunner of scoliosis correction in a new age. It treats scoliosis in three dimensions, using its cutting-edge design to treat the spine and torso in concert in ways that other traditional scoliosis braces cannot. It also strives to improve the wearer’s posture, and when used in conjunction with Schroth rotational breathing, the ScoliBrace can produce significant corrective results.

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