Ways To Help a Child Adjust to a Prosthesis

A child can have their limbs amputated because of an illness or trauma. They would need a prosthesis to have a somewhat normal life. In other cases, the child might need a prosthesis because they were born with a congenital condition. The child would need the continued support of their family members to adjust to life with a prosthetic. You might be asking yourself – how can I help my child adjust to their prosthetic?

1. Help the Child Cope With the Loss

The loss of a limb is detrimental to anybody. It can be pretty challenging for a child to emotionally and mentally comprehend life without a limb. This is why it’s recommended that the parent helps the child mentally and emotionally adjust to not having a limb even before the surgery. You should talk positively to your child about the amputation they have to go through and how life will be for them after the surgery. This will help the child maintain an optimistic outlook for the whole process.

2. The Adjustment Journey

Once your child is done with the surgery, you need to introduce them to physical therapy and rehabilitation as soon as possible. Kids are unbelievably adaptable and tend to get used to having a prosthetic faster than many adults. Since your child is still learning many things about themselves and life, they will likely adapt more quickly than you anticipate. Remember that physical therapy plays a significant role in hastening the adjustment.

As the child’s residual limb heals and they become stronger, your certified prosthetist will begin them with their first device. Ask the prosthetist to enlighten you and your child about proper adaptation procedures and how to care for the device. You can ask – are there good ways I can help my child adjust to their prosthetic? Also, ask how to clean the residual limb and tell when the prosthetic isn’t fitting correctly. Make sure that you note down their recommendations so that you don’t forget.

3. Embracing the Challenge

Children can be incredibly mentally and physically resilient under the proper guidance. You should encourage your child to embrace the fact that they are not like everyone else. Encourage them to open up and have an honest conversation about their emotions and the challenges they face under the new circumstances. Ensure that they understand that they shouldn’t be afraid to talk about their story with others. You can get the child involved with organizations like the Amputee Coalition of America so that they know they are not alone. Additionally, encourage them to find a sport they can enjoy with their new situation.

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