Everything You Need To Know About ”Breaking In” Your New Orthotics

Congratulations on receiving your new orthotic device. You’re already noticing an immediate improvement in your quality of life. However, you’ll need to know how to break in your device correctly to get the full level of comfort you deserve. These are tips and question answers for adjusting to new orthotic products. 

Do orthotics feel uncomfortable at first? 

It’s normal to feel uncomfortable after getting your orthotic device. Your body is used to operating and moving a certain way, and it may protest at first. It’s crucial to remain patient and understand that the adjustment process will not be an overnight occurrence. However, you can feel confident that one day you will feel much better and have more functionality than before. 

How long will it take to break in the orthotic device? 

Every person is different, and your body’s response may not take the same amount of time someone else’s did. Typically, you should be used to the new device by the fourth week after you receive it, provided that you take steps to help yourself along.

You may find that you adjust sooner, or your process can last a little longer. Contact your provider if you have issues with the equipment after waiting a full four weeks. Your item might need a minor adjustment. 

How do I break in my new orthotics?

These are some procedures that will help you break in your orthotic device quickly and painlessly:

Wear it a little at a time.

Introducing an orthotic product to your system in short increments is key to breaking it in. Thus, you should start wearing it for only one hour daily. Wait until you feel comfortable leaving it on longer, and then increase the time to two hours. Use this method until you no longer feel the device because your brain and body have adjusted to it. 

Slow it down if you experience pain.

If you experience pain or discomfort, you should relax and remove the equipment. Don’t force yourself to keep it on if you’ve gotten to the point of feeling pain because you might cause yourself additional discomfort. Instead, give yourself a rest and try again later or the next day.  

Avoid strenuous activity.

Avoid doing strenuous activities when you first start adjusting to your device. You’re probably super-excited about doing everything you can, but taking your time with it is crucial to avoid injury. Your body will let you know if you’re pushing too hard by producing pain or discomfort. If you experience either of those things, you’ll need to hold back a little and take more time to adjust.  

Take care of sore feet.

If your feet get sore, take a break from walking or your other activity. Massage them if necessary, but keep any additional pressure off of them. 

Stay positive and patient during your adjusting period, and you will reap the benefits of having a new orthotic device. Keep in touch with your provider to let him or her know your progress and take it easy.