The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Scoliosis Brace to School

How do I help my child deal with their scoliosis brace at school? There are several things both you, as a parent, and your child can do to make this transition easier. If your child has recently been diagnosed with scoliosis and must wear a brace, it doesn’t mean that they will no longer be able to participate in regular school activities. While it is an adjustment, there are many things that can help, including being prepared.

Tips for Wearing a Scoliosis Brace in School

Here are some tips for wearing a back brace to school if your child has scoliosis.

First things first. Parents must notify their child’s school and the teachers that their child will be wearing a scoliosis brace. This will help if your child ever needs to miss out on activities or classes for doctor’s appointments. Your child’s doctor can also write a note to the school indicating the date of the appointment.

Be Prepared for Sports & Other Extracurricular Activities

Scoliosis patients can normally continue to participate in extracurricular activities. Besides, it is extremely important for your child to remain as active as they can during their treatment. Braces can be taken off when your child participates in activities. You can even ask the nurse at the school for assistance.

Seek Support or Counseling

It can be an extremely difficult thing to do when it comes to wearing a scoliosis brace in school. Your child may be worried that they’ll get talked about or that they won’t fit in. But, there are many support groups and counseling available to help your child get through this adjustment. Support groups are beneficial because they can give your child advice and support, such as ways to respond to comments and questions about the brace, etc. This will help your child feel confident.

Counseling is also beneficial because it can help your child not be depressed about their condition.

Assist in Preparing Your Child

Your child’s doctor will give you a schedule to help your child break in their new brace. This schedule should be maintained and followed since it can take up to a week to get fully adjusted. Help your child practice putting on and removing the brace at home. Allow them some time to practice doing this on their own so they can gain some independence.

Furthermore, you can help your child pick out some comfortable clothing to wear, such as leggings, long shirts, loose dresses, and athletic shorts. There are other helpful resources you can use to help your child learn what to wear with their brace.

Your child may also want to practice sitting down at a desk to help find a comfortable position. A rolling backpack is probably a good idea to have instead of carrying additional weight on their back with a traditional one. If possible, ask for additional textbooks to keep at home.

Helping your child make the adjustment of wearing a brace is great for their peace of mind and comfort. It can also help with treatment.