How To Properly Encourage Your Child to Wear Their Scoliosis Brace

How can I help my child with scoliosis? If your child has recently been diagnosed with scoliosis, bracing is one of the most recommended treatment options. But how do you get your child to feel comfortable wearing their brace to school? This guide will provide you with some tips to help support your child through their treatment.

Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Wear Their Back Brace 

How do I motivate my child to wear their scoliosis brace to school? Here are some tips and ways to get involved and support.

Go Shopping for Clothes Together

Taking your child shopping for new clothes in their brace offers many advantages. This will enable your child to see the many style options they have. For example, your child may want to consider hiding their brace if it is bulky with bigger t-shirts or blouses. Assist them in finding cardigans, jackets, and other clothes that may disguise their brace if they are self-conscious about others in school seeing it.

Become Social

Every child will feel different about wearing their brace to school. Some may be eager to show it off to their family and friends. Other children may be fearful of telling anyone. It is essential that your child understands what bracing looks like. They also need to understand that their brace will be a part of them for the next few years or so. This enables them to feel more control over telling people before they have the chance to find out. Additionally, it supplies them with a substantial support group.

Personalize the Brace

Your child may be inspired to wear their brace if they can customize it. It can be personalized like a jacket or a favorite backpack. For the most part, these braces are available in varying colors and designs. Additionally, your child can throw on some vinyl stickers to make their brace special.

Schedule Family Meetings

You have probably already been told that scoliosis bracing should involve the entire family. Your entire family must agree when it comes to treatment. This is the perfect time to schedule family meetings on a daily or weekly basis to discuss when your child will wear their brace. Everyone in your household should be on board.

Discuss Bracing

It is essential that you regularly speak to your child and bracing and how they feel. Allow them to address their concerns and listen to ways you can improve their quality of life. Your child needs to understand the importance of wearing their brace. If your child is having issues with comfort, be sure to see your doctor for the necessary adjustments. Additionally, you can consider having your child speak with a psychologist to help them overcome their fears about wearing their brace.

Scoliosis bracing isn’t a piece of cake for every child. Treatment is essential in slowing down or completely stopping the advancement of the curve. It can also prevent your child from needing surgery. You can do your part as a parent by making your child feel comfortable wearing their device by supporting them.