February 12, 2024

2024-03-14 | 22:15:03

"Love the attention and care they give to my son, very very professional and great service"
January 17, 2024

2024-02-12 | 18:50:47

"(Translated by Google) Very nice, very clean and very fast, helps a lot (Original) Muy lindo muy limpio y muy rápido ayuda muchos"
January 3, 2024

2024-02-12 | 18:50:41

"Great working with Dr. Dave and front desk Kate! Made our experience with getting my son's helmet so seamless and worked with our crazy schedule!"
January 2, 2024

A patient’s mom

"When my daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis, we were shocked. My daughter became subconscious and would only wear loose t-shirts. When her scoliosis angle advance significantly in half a year. We were devastated and scared. When we go for our brace fitting appointment, we met James ( james Quigg) at new hyde park office. I was concerned initially, since my daughter is 13, a shy teenager. James is a young gentleman. For brace fitting, there is close examination. Our concern quickly dissipated. James is very professional and supportive. He listens, respects and communicates so well with my daughter, and simultaneously making my daughter realize that scoliosis is more prevalent than we think. He patiently adjusted my daughter’s brace so many times, my daughter was able to sleep in her brace in a month. At the same time, i see my daughter smiling more and being more confident with herself. I work in the medical field. As a medical provider, being nice and professional is good. However, with additional good skills and competency in what they do is a huge PLUS. We feel extremely lucky to have met James. He has so much positive impact on my daughter’s growth and happiness. I really would recommend him to everyone who needs braces. —- Arianna’s happy mom. "
December 28, 2023

2024-02-12 | 18:50:34

"We met James at the MDs office when we first confirmed our son had scoliosis and again today as we reviewed his progress with the fitted brace. I was struck with how helpful and patient he was. He explained things directly to our son, answered our questions and shared their story creating braces. So impressed with them. We met Mark at this office for the brace fitting. He was also friendly and informative. He was very encouraging to our child. Grateful for them and what they do."