December 27, 2023

2024-02-12 | 18:50:26

"James is awsome . He's doing a awsome job . . Keep up the good work. Teana love your work"
December 20, 2023

2024-02-12 | 18:50:17

"When my daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis, we were shocked. My daughter became subconscious and would only wear loose t-shirts. When her scoliosis angle advance significantly in half a year. We were devastated and scared. When we go for our brace fitting appointment, we met James ( james Quigg) at new hyde park office. I was concerned initially, since my daughter is 13, a shy teenager. James is a young gentleman. For brace fitting, there is close examination. Our concern quickly dissipated. James is very professional and supportive. He listens, respects and communicates so well with my daughter, and simultaneously making my daughter realize that scoliosis is more prevalent than we think. He patiently adjusted my daughter’s brace so many times, my daughter was able to sleep in her brace in a month. At the same time, i see my daughter smiling more and being more confident with herself. I work in the medical field. As a medical provider, being nice and professional is good. However, with additional good skills and competency in what they do is a huge PLUS. We feel extremely lucky to have met James. He has so much positive impact on my daughter’s growth and happiness. I really would recommend him to everyone who needs braces. —- Arianna’s happy mom."
December 12, 2023

2024-02-12 | 18:50:10

"They are amazing highly recommended"
December 8, 2023

A Sincere Thank You

"Dear Prothotic Laboratories Team, I want to sincerely thank you for sponsoring me to attend the Curvy Girls Scoliosis Convention. This unexpected news made my family and I so happy. Thank you for your generosity. My mom and I had an incredible time at the convention. It was a weekend full of excitement, new friendships, and learning. Connecting with other girls dealing with scoliosis was special. The weekend was empowering and overall made me know that I am not alone in my scoliosis journey and there are many girls like me. It was wonderful seeing the Prothotics table set up amongst the vendors on Saturday. The display was beautiful and it was great seeing familiar faces. Kate was so sweet to come in the evening for the fashion show as well. Seeing her there cheering me on was great. In the fashion I wore a dress with my brace, made by Mark, over it. I walked the runway with pride and strength. Everyone loved the flower decal on the back of my brace. I love it too. I am grateful for the immense amount of love I have felt from your team throughout my scoliosis journey. Kate has made me feel like a celebrity by posting me on your instagram and even putting me in your new brochure. Her talent and creativity always amazes me. She has been a huge help spreading the word about my Curvy Girls group and helping me gain new members. During my bracing, I would see James for quick check ins during my appointments with Dr. LaPlazza at the New Hyde Park office. Even though our time was short, he left a lasting impact on me. I remember my first out of brace appointment. He came into the room and told me I was doing a great job at something very challenging. This was uplifting and gave me the motivation I very much needed. James was one of the only medical professionals that truly cheered me on. He made me feel proud and that made all the difference. And of course Mark. He fitted me for and made all three of my braces. Anytime I had discomfort or irritation in certain spots I would come in for an appointment. Mark would alter those areas and I would leave with relief. He played a huge role in my success of not only maintaining my curve, but helping me decrease it by eight degrees. Today I am brace free. I also told Mark when I first became the Long Island Curvy Girls Leader. He congratulated me and said he would love to help spread the word and encourage girls to join. Without the care and support of your team I would not be where I am today with my scoliosis. I am so glad to have an orthotist office that made me feel comfortable and not scared. All of your staff is friendly and kind. Your office is always clean and welcoming. The pictures you display on the walls showcase the strength of the children you treat. It is obvious that you guys don't just treat; you care. You care about the patient, the family, and the support. Thank you for all you have done for me and all you continue to do for others just like me. Love, Charlotte"
November 11, 2023

2023-12-04 | 14:59:47

"Dave and every single staff member here is absolutely amazing! They genuinely care about you and your children. They have worked against insurance for us and have fought with us to get my son his cranial helmet. They all show compassion and love towards their patients! We refer to all of them as angels. Thank you Prothotic Laboratories for being the amazing people you all are!"