December 20, 2022

2023-02-14 | 17:44:29

"Amazing staff. Communication is great! Can’t ask for more!"
December 14, 2022

The best…

"My daughter has been with Prothotic Laboratories for 22 years and has always been accommodated with exceptional, personalized care and innovative designs to meet her changing needs. Meeting Charlie was life changing for her, replacing another orthotist’s clumsy, ill fitting, painful braces that broke all of the time. As a design professional, I was impressed with his attention to the multiple details that have to be right in order to provide support, not in theory but in real, everyday life application. They have to work. It was with his braces that my daughter was able to learn to walk. The years pass, surgeries change configurations and needs but we always return, knowing that these professionals will advise, innovate and refine to meet her needs. This year, Dave designed the proper fitting orthotics for her current status, offering comfort and support that allows her to walk with the most freedom possible. This is a group of experienced, talented and caring people and I am really grateful to have them on her team. "
November 17, 2022

2022-11-23 | 20:04:47

"If there was an option for more stars, I'd highlight them all. We have been working with Charlie and his team at Prothotic for the treatment of my daughter's scoliosis for seven years, since her diagnosis at age six. We travel from Westchester to New Hyde Park & Farmingdale, and Charlie is hands down worth it. Charlie's bedside manner with an anxious mom and squirmy kid is second to none, and this is shared by all members of his staff who are respectful and understanding. Charlie pays close attention to the details to make sure the brace is bearable, and his team takes the time to talk with with my daughter to reinforce the importance of bracing. I only hope others have the same success as we are having with the RSC brace."
October 17, 2022

My girl couldn’t be happier!

"Dave was amazing with my daughter. She’s not very open to new people or getting braced and yet each time we went she was laughing smiling and so happy. Everyone has been so helpful with every question or concern we’ve had and so attentive to her and her needs! "
September 20, 2022

2022-10-19 | 23:23:19

"Dave has done great job in all my braces!"